FNQ mission is disseminate management excellence concepts to promote brazilian organizations' and country's competitiveness

FNQ - National Quality Foundation - is a non-governmental organization created in 1991 with the mission to disseminate the Fundamentals of Management Excellence. This is done by mobilizing organizations around the Modelo de Excelência da Gestão® MEG (Management Excellence Model), developed along FNQs 17-year old experience related to the National Brazilian Quality Award (PNQ), conferred by the institution.

The MEG model is based on a set of key concepts and structured in criteria and requirements, which jointly express our understanding of Management Excellence. FNQ strongly believes that pursuing its mission is an important contribution for the promotion of competitiveness among Brazilian organizations.

Recognized as a technical authority in Management Excellence, FNQ vision is to become a World Class Reference Center of study, debate and knowledge dissemination on the theme. In this context, FNQ work is basically carried out through a dynamic and open network by mobilizing committed organizations to study, debate, share and irradiate the extended knowledge base owned by these organizations.

Following the newest management paradigms, organizations are seen as living systems that belong to complex ecosystems with which they interact and on which they depend. In this context, learning has also become a function of organizations, which will need to develop quality relationships with all their stakeholders and with the Society as a whole. FNQ plans to be a worldwide intellectual authority on Management Excellence and, therefore, relies on a significant edge: management practices, experiences and knowledge of its members, community and network.